Top Weekly Canadian News ~ 06/03/09

1.     The Arctic is warming up so quickly that the region’s sea ice cover in summer could vanish as early as 2013, decades earlier than most predictions, Warwick Vincent (director of the Centre for Northern Studies at Laval University) said on Thursday. He pointed out that recent data on the ice cover ‘appear to be tracking the most pessimistic of the models’. I wrote about the importance of Canadians enforcing our Arctic Sovereignty in the past few weeks, and this was one of the reasons. Story at the Toronto Star.

2.     Testimony continues in the case of the RCMP Constables who killed Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski by taser at the Vancouver International Airport in October of 2007. The latest testimony has Mr. Dziekanski armed with a stapler, with the other hand in the air, in a position the only Constable armed with the taser described as ‘combative’: “He had the stapler open, his other fist raised. He was in a combative stance, as we call it, and was approaching the officers, I believe, with the intent to attack so I deployed the taser at that point.” The Constable also testified that he was taught ‘any object can be used as a weapon’, and that he was ‘scared’ for the safety of the officers when Mr. Dziekanski picked up the stapler. A lawyer representing the government of Poland accused Constable Millington of ‘cooking up his story’ and collaborating with other officers on how to cover up the tasering. Story at the Globe & Mail (here and here) and the Toronto Star.

3.     The minimum wage in Ontario is rising to $9.50 at the end of the month (March 31, 2009). Story at the Lindsay Post.


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2 Responses to Top Weekly Canadian News ~ 06/03/09

  1. Mike says:

    I never really take projections literally. They say the Arctic sheet will vanish in four years. Jimmy Carter once said that US foreign oil dependency would be gone by 1980. Minimum wage is going up – to put that in my perspective, what’s $9.50 in American $?

    • brent says:

      $9.50 Canadian is currently $7.38 American. At the moment the minimum is $8.75, and it will rise to $10.25 on March 31, 2010.

      What is striking about this projection for Arctic ice sheet disappearance is that it is decades sooner than previous predictions. I too would not take it too literally, but I do think it is a sign that it is happening a lot quicker than previously anticipated …

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