Top Weekly Canadian News ~ 14/03/09

1. Support for the Conservative Party has plummeted in Quebec by 12% since the election, according to a poll conducted by The Strategic Counsel for The Globe & Mail/CTV News. Only 10% of Quebeckers said they would vote for the Conservative Party today. This is important as some have argued that the Conservatives would not have been able to get their man in office in 2006 had it not been for the ten Tory MPs who won in Quebec. Now this poll suggests that those same 10 ridings are definitely in play. For more reading see “French Kiss: Stephen Harper’s Blind Date with Quebec” by Chantal Hébert. This story at the Globe & Mail.

2. Defence Minister Pecfb-esquimalt-aerialter MacKay was at CFB Esquimalt to announce four military-linked projects worth $266 million and projected to create 1400 jobs. He also said he would be stopping at several other bases, including at Cold Lake, Alberta, Winnipeg, Gagetown, New Brunswick and Halifax, to announce similar military infrastructure projects. “Our government is investing heavily and maintaining critical assets like sewers, roads, waters, infrastructure and buildings across the country … These are practical improvements that will have real benefits for real people, and our strategy is designed to deliver a first-class modern military ready to perform its necessary tasks in the 21st century.” You can read my recent post about the Canadian army being in a state of disrepair here. MacKay also indicated the projects were major weapons in the government’s plan to fight the economic recession. Story from the Canadian Press, MSNBC, and the Chronicle Herald.

3. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has passed a resolution asking Canadian cities and towns to phase out the sale and purchasing of bottled water on municipal property. The motion carries no legal weight but is intended to encourage municipalities to speak out against bottled water and avoid distributing it. “It’s not a ban, we just try to educate our citizens that the water that you pay for in your city is good – use it,” said FCM president Jean Perrault, the mayor of Sherbrooke, Quebec. Full story at CBC.


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