From a Proud Canadian

I recently wrote about the Chief of Land Forces for the Canadian Forces, Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie, commenting on the need for the military to take a year long ‘operational break’ to rebuild after our commitment in Afghanistan. I failed to mention that it is partly because Canada is suffering 4 times the casualty rate of American troops in Afghanistan because Canada is in one of the most dangerous provinces of Afghanistan.

Apparently the late-night Fox show, “Red Eye” with Greg Gutfeld, thought this was something to mock.

They started by suggesting the Lt.-General’s name, Andrew Leslie, was “an unusual name for a man.” Then host Greg Gutfeld said the time off was necessary to “do some yoga, paint landscapes, and run on the beach in gorgeous white capri pants.”

Columnist and comedian Doug Benson was asked to weigh in: “I didn’t even know they were in the war. I thought that was where you go if you don’t want to fight – go chill in Canada.”

As Ian Welsh of the Huffington Post pointed out, “No, Fox and the Republican party is where people go who avoid fighting. None of the panelists on the show appear to have ever served in the military.”

It was hard to continue watching the video, but they go on to say we are ‘not a smart culture’, the time off is for ‘manicures and pedicures’, and Canada would not be able to take this time off if they didn’t share a border with “the most powerful country in the universe.”

This is exactly the kind of selfish and contemptuously typical American frame of thought that repeatedly warranted them the title of ‘greatest threat to world peace’ in international polls (here, here, here, here, here, here…).

Maybe if more people had a Canadian frame of thought, humanity would be a lot better off. There wouldn’t be a need for massive armies and military spending – that money and effort could go to better use …

Many public figures spoke out about the piece. Conservative commentator Geoff Norquay called it “insulting and beneath contempt.” Steve Staples of the Rideau Institute called it a “shameful display” to laugh it up at the expense of families who have lost loved ones. “The dismissal of Canadian efforts in Afghanistan simply rubs salt in the wounds of Canadian families whose sons and daughters have been injured or killed in the war.”

Calling Canada’s military “the best little army in the world,” retired Gen. Lewis MacKenzie blasted the American panelists as “distasteful” and showing an “appalling ignorance.”

I encourage everyone to email the program ( ) and let them know what you think.

The clip can be seen here.


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3 Responses to From a Proud Canadian

  1. God Bless the Canadians for their contribution to the War in Afghanistan. We didn’t see much of them in the first few months after 9/11, but they’ve been of valuable service to all operations over there since then.

    BTW-I’ve noticed on all your posts the date is given with the day, then the month, then the year. I normally see it given month, day, year. Is this a Canadian way of writing it?

    • Milligan says:

      Day, Month, Year is usually how dates are written everywhere except the U.S. (Some countries, especially in Europe, use Year, Month, Day).

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