a conservative minister defends the CBC, and seems to mean it …

In a recent interview with LaPresse, Conservative Minister of Heritage James Moore – under whose department the CBC receives its funding – defended the CBC as a cultural icon, especially for francophones, and said that it plays the vital role in a country as big as Canada of allowing all Canadians to talk to each other, from B.C. to Newfoundland to Quebec.

A translation of the French text:

“I am against the privatization of the CBC,” said the minister bluntly, in an attempt to end rumors used by his political opponents to attack the Conservative government in the House of Commons.

These rumors have been revived in recent weeks after it was revealed that the Harper government had undertaken a review of assets in Ottawa, including eight Crown corporations, to assess the effectiveness, viability and relevance. Some of these companies, such as Via Rail, may be sold at the end of this year.

But the CBC is not part of this review and there is no question of privatizing the national institution.

His strongest defence was for the well-being of French as the minority language, saying that “without the CBC, it would be like Louisiana.”

Of course, comments on the article from Canadians ranged. Some of my favorites:

by Alexander (Sandy):

Nobody could argue that the CBC hasn’t done a splendid job of allowing Canadians to talk to one another. If we didn’t have the CBC, we would probably have two solitudes in this country.

CBC: cheap at twice the price.

by IainGFoulds:

… We must consider all such issues foremost with respect for the liberty of each citizen and their right to their earnings.

… Assuming there was not a radio and TV station that working Canadians were forced to finance, would any government now propose a state-funded broadcaster to compete with Canada’s private broadcasters.

… The answer is no

… The continued existence of a tax-payer funded broadcaster is a regressive left-over policy of social and economic collectivism.

… Let us instead learn to respect the right of others to their earnings.

by Vinnie’sboy:

This is why I love minority governments. They are always so afraid. I love watching all politicians twisting in the wind.


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