Lack of buyer’s remorse since election …

Well, the package Canada bought on May 2nd has not been out of the box or turned on yet, but already pollsters are claiming a lack of buyer’s remorse over the majority Conservative government and the new Official Opposition, the NDP under Jack Layton. Although absolutely nothing has happened since the election, the Globe and Mail today has an article with the headline, “Lack of buyer’s remorse over Tories and NDP bodes ill for Liberals and Bloc.”

The Globe and Mail article indicates a typical ‘Canadian comfort’ with election results. But no one can say this election did not provide some major changes to the scene in Ottawa, with severe blows to the Liberals and Bloc and the elevation of the NDP to Official Opposition for the first time in Canadian history, and with the largest opposition in 31 years. Some anxiety might be expected:

“Instead, here are a few highlights of how this realignment has settled and in some respects maybe even deepened, meaning the Bloc and the Liberals have major work ahead of them if they are to again become potent forces in Canadian politics.

» In the latest week results, the NDP are running at a new high of 49 per cent in Quebec. If all the coverage of so-called Vegas MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau was going to rattle Quebec voters, there’s no evidence that happened. If anything, Quebeckers seem pretty enthused with the sense of freshness of their representation in Ottawa.

» In Ontario, the NDP is at 32 per cent, seven points behind the Conservative Party, with the Liberals dropping to 19 per cent, six points below their result on election night.

» Among female voters, the NDP leads at 37 per cent nationally, compared to 33 per cent for the Conservatives, and a stunning 16 per cent for the Liberal Party.

» Among men, the Conservatives are at 42 per cent, the NDP at 30 per cent and the Liberals at a record low of 14%.”

We might want to wait a little bit longer, like after the House reconvenes and legislation is tabled, before making grand postulates like these …


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